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25 Things I Will Never Do

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

  1. Decline to eat anything home-cooked with love or a glass of wine with my meal

  2. Make myself, or anyone else, feel bad for comforting with food

  3. Push my own personal nutritional preferences/biases on anyone else

  4. Stop encouraging you to evolve + shine as brightly as possible

  5. Stop dancing to urban + electronic music or singing at the top of my lungs in my car

  6. Stop thanking God that I went buckwild BEFORE the age of social media

  7. Be embarrassed for crying at commercials (I think it’s cute lol)

  8. Teach anyone that “organic” or “clean” is the height of personal nutrition

  9. Read just one book at a time (or stop buying books, though I still have 10 I haven’t read yet)

  10. Even TRY to manage other people’s perceptions of me

  11. Defend my expectations of what “should” be

  12. Stop craving veggies (or chocolate)

  13. Actually LIKE curly kale

  14. Stop putting hot sauce on everything (acid is life)

  15. Give up on true love or the underdog or you

  16. Let anything stop me from chasing my dreams

  17. Stop telling people that Jesus has ALREADY saved them, whether they accept it here on earth or not

  18. Stop practicing yoga or meditating or burning sage or using Florida water

  19. Reject, downplay, or otherwise restrain my sacred feminine or my sexuality

  20. End my quest to find the best pizza + coffee in the world

  21. Wonder ever again how/why people get so attached pets

  22. Stop learning or creating or chasing flow

  23. Stop craving deep, meaningful, vulnerable relationships with other women

  24. Give up my designer nail polish or perfume (toxins be damned)

  25. Apologize for ANY of the above. EVER.


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