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Experiencing Covid19

Almost three weeks ago I sat in a town hall meeting at the local hospital where I serve patients and their families. At the time, coronavirus still felt far-away, like something that Americans could AVOID.

That's a fairytale now.

Since then, the information changed on a near-daily basis. It felt like almost overnight the epidemic "over there" became a global pandemic slapping me in the face right here + making me feel stupid for ever being so naive.

Nowadays I'm treating hospitalized coronavirus patients - some are recovering well + others are not. It's been hard, but I've stopped watching the news + started monitoring the CDC website + that's helped some.

Crisis brings all values/beliefs to the surface + exposes everyone for who they are, every systemic weakness. It's been painful to watch how woefully unprepared/unwilling this country is to care for its most vulnerable citizens.

My heart is breaking for all the low-key, subtle ways people are affected by Covid19 - addicts who depend on community for survival + now struggle to meet, kids who eat their only meal at school + are now hungry, adults who live in abusive relationships + are now isolated with their abuser, moms who feel like they're keeping up just-enough already + are now expected to teach their kids common core math. Not to forget non-essential workers who have been laid-off + are left to wonder how to make rent or pay the mortgage, and households who can't afford their medical bills + now face losing everything. At the same time my heart is expanding so quickly that it's actually made me dizzy. My inner healer is activating as I'm appreciating more how closely diet + immunity are connected, and my inner artist is activating as I'm allowing a lot more healing space to feel creative. I've laughed with my bestie in Atlanta that we could've been using video to hang out for years + never did. I've started taking dance lessons online.

The earth is healing, did you know that?

I'm healing, too. My soul is telling me to take this time to BE, not to DO. All I want after this is for all of my loved ones to be healthy, to love myself more deeply + to be more authentically expressed in the world.

Covid19 is humanizing. Clarifying. Enlightening.

Mother Nature + her microorganisms are going to win eventually. Faced with the frightening reality that pathogenic microorganisms mutate + spread so rapidly, we realize that our carefully-curated diets + workouts aren't the strongholds we thought they were. 20-year-olds with strong immune systems + no underlying conditions are dying.

What matters most is how we deal. What thoughts we produce, beliefs we question, fantasies we create - and how we explore them with the people around us.

The unreal is more powerful than the real, because nothing is as perfect as you can imagine it, because it's only intangible ideas, concepts, beliefs, fantasies that last. Stone crumbles, wood rots. People, well, they die. But things as fragile as a thought, a dream, a legend, they can go on and on. (Chuck Palahniuk)

Women, I see you searching for meaning. Moms, I see you trying to stay sane. Entrepreneurs, I see you trying to grow. Friends, I see you looking for ways to play.

So if you're like me + you're totally boycotting all pushup challenges, reading plans + honey-do lists in this, The Time of Corona, I invite you to join in a different kind of challenge...

This is a perfect time for the #expressyourselfchallenge! It's a great way to

  • Break up the monotony of days in isolation

  • Connect with other humans also in isolation

  • Create time for yourself to explore your hobbies + interests

  • Practice self-love + compassion when you see yourself on camera

  • Show off your hidden talents

  • Have fun!

Maybe you're into cooking or makeup or yoga or styling outfits (or painting bathrooms or pushups ;-) ) - whatever it is this is the perfect time to share it with the world. If not now, when? Film yourself ON VIDEO doing your thing + post it with the hashtag #expressyourselfchallenge! Mix it up!

I'm going to post my favorite jokes, dance routines, personal stories +

whatever else my body/heart want me to share that day.

The universe is shifting sooooo quickly right now. Can you feel it?

Embrace that shit.


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