Is Good Health Necessary to Grow Rich?

I’m reading Think and Grow Rich (by Napolean Hill) for the third or fourth time and this morning I finished Chapter 7: ORGANIZED PLANNING. I loved every minute of it; I’m a big planner!

In chapter seven, he gives us the “30 major causes of failure…[that] stand between you and success.”

Guess what number six is, right under LACK OF SELF-DISCIPLINE…

ILL HEALTH. “No person may enjoy outstanding success without good health.” He expressed that so perfectly. “No person may enjoy…” Of course, success and riches may be accumulated without good health, but it can’t be enjoyed. I mean, we can’t travel, comfortably relax, play with grandkids, or make love on a beach if our bones keep us in bed or our organs take us in and out of the doctor’s office. He goes on to say that “many of the causes of ill health are subject to mastery and control” and that’s also perfectly stated. Good health isn’t predetermined – and neither is poor health or disease. We can, to a very large extent, control and determine the state of our health by our PURPOSE, AMBITION, and SELF-DISCIPLINE.

Consider this: what is your purpose in life? Do you want to get ahead in life? Are you willing to pay the price for success and riches?

Have you considered how taking care of your health, and exercising SELF-DISCIPLINE in your lifestyle choices, is fundamental to enjoying your success? I mean, if I can’t sip a mojito on a beach, with a book, next to my gorgeous man…what is the point??


​P.S. – When I wrote in CAPS, I promise I’m not yelling at you. It’s a literary device used by Napoleon Hill in his writing.

P.P.S. – I really love to re-read books that impact me because I always learn something different every time. What books have you read more than once (other than Harry Potter LOL)?

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