Honor Your Family’s Eating Culture

It’s sad, but you know it’s true…

Most people in cultures around the world aren’t as nonchalant around their meals as Americans tend to be.

Think about it: what was mealtime like in your grandmother’s house? Was it much different than yours now?

In Italy, for instance, people have been eating pasta, olive oil, meat and cheese for centuries. In Japan, rice, fish and seaweed. In India, spiced veggie and rice dishes.

But in the US, a relatively young country blended of many cultures, there’s no one unifying anchor and many people feel lost. In a scary sense, calorie-counting, macro-counting, low-fat, low-carbs and restrictive “weight-loss” diets have become the anchor, a substitute culture for people looking for advice on what and how to eat.

As science is now proving, these plans tend to be neither healthy nor sustainable and often lead to increased weight-GAIN (especially if your drinking diet soda or eating packaged diet foods!). Dieting is a losing game for everyone except the person selling the diet.

Mindfully developing your own eating culture can help you build a solid foundation for success.

This weekend, as your planning your shopping or BBQ’s for Independence Day, think about your own eating culture; you already have one whether intentionally or not. Does it support your family’s health? Is it strict and strict or completely void of structure? What are your habits and rituals?

Now imagine your optimal eating culture. What do you see yourself eating for lunch, breakfast and dinner? Who’s with you during meals and where are you? When and where do you shop for food? Who prepares it, how and when?

Here are some small changes you can make to get started:

  • Shop for veggies every Saturday morning at the farmer’s market (BONUS: they have awesome coffee, too!)

  • Do a prayer, centering, or gratitude practice before eating

  • Join the Meatless Monday campaign (BONUS: this will save you $$ too!)

No culture was built in a day, my friend. If you want any support, let me know.


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