National Nutrition Month 2020

Thrive through the transformative power of food + nutrition

March is National Nutrition Month! Good nutrition doesn't have to be restrictive or overwhelming, boo. 😘

Small goals + changes have a powerful cumulative effect + every little bite is a step in the right direction.

Include healthful foods from all food groups

Variety is the mack-daddy to make for-sure-for-sure that you're getting what you need from whole foods. Most fad diets restrict the variety of foods people eat + this leads to severely inadequate nutrition, not to mention they're too boring to sustain for very long.

Humans are natural omnivores, which means that we are biologically programmed to desire a wide variety of foods. Even someone who eats nothing but their favorite food for several days would eventually really want something else.

One way to increase the nutrient-dense + decrease calorie-dense variety is to focus eating high-carb foods in their minimally-processed form.

  • 🍓 Fresh fruit > dried fruit or juice

  • 🥣 Whole wheat pasta, brown rice or oatmeal > white pasta, white rice or dry cereal

  • 🥔 Yams, potatoes or beans > pretzels, french fries or fat free chips

Another way is to simply increase your veggies everyday until they equal the number of high-carb foods. So if you eat 7 servings of pasta, rice or french fries, you eat at least 7 servings of spinach, baked potato or black beans.

If you really wanna go HAM, you can even mix up your veggies with the 5 subgroups - beans/legumes, dark green, red/orange/yellow, starches + all others.

Hydrate healthfully

We talk so much about protein, carbs + fat that it's easy to forget about the *most important nutrient* - water. Water makes up 55-75% of your body weight + regulates everything from temperature to digestion to heart rate.

💦 In general, men need at least 12 cups of fluid daily + women need at least 9. (The elderly tend to be dehydrated since they are less active, less thirsty + often worry about incontinence.) Exercise, hot weather, low humidity, high altitude + high-fiber diets all increase your needs for additional fluid.

And yes - skim milk, 100% fruit juices + tea/coffee ALL COUNT! There's also a ton of water in watermelon, strawberries, soup + lettuce.

Here's how to get more water into your days:

  • 💧 Start your morning with a big glass of water

  • 💧 Carry a water bottle with you + refill it often

  • 💧 Always ask for water at restaurants

  • 💧 Infuse your water with fruit or herbs

  • 💧 Add a splash of fruit juice