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A Perfect Statistical Correlation

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Recently, the incredible (+ very fit) woman who does my nails said to me, “I like being disciplined with what I eat because it’s one thing I can completely control, ya know?”

Yeah, I know.

2005 was the year I first starting paying attention to what I ate. Before that point, my diet basically consisted of fast food, alcohol + just about any other drug I could get my hands on. I was VERY sick. At 5’7″ + 100 lbs, 35 lbs below my ideal body weight, my Body Mass Index was 15.7. (Nowadays, if a patient came into my hospital with a BMI that low, I’d immediately order protocols for severe malnutrition.)

I don’t remember when I first chose to start actually, like, nourishing myself with the food I ate, but I do remember the first time someone noticed. I was meeting a friend to party + the first thing he said to me was “wow, you look like you’ve been eating healthy + exercising.”

I still remember how it felt for someone to actually SEE on the outside the work I was starting/trying to do on the inside. It felt like the sweetest hug. Like the coolest sunshine. Like the me inside of me was finally starting to show herself to the world.

One healthy bite after another. That led me to free yoga videos on YouTube. That led me to yoga teacher training. That led me to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. That led me to create The Art of Personal Science Challenge. That led me to a BaSci in dietetics. And that is leading to become a Registered Dietitian, which will lead me to using everything I’ve learned + experienced to show others the way to find confidence + peace in the places where they feel out of control.

One healthy bite after another. My personal + spiritual development track with the evolution of my personal nutrition exactly – a perfect statistical correlation of +1.0. Even when I didn’t know it, couldn’t feel it, each bite was blessed + made me, slowly but surely, into the grateful + inspired woman I am today.

There is no separation between how I’ve fed myself + how I’ve stepped into fully being + accepting + loving myself.

So if you find yourself feeling disconnected from your own body, or trying your damnedest to push down/ignore difficult feelings, or unable to create the deep, meaningful relationships your heart desires – my advice, start with just one healthy bite, then another + let that carry you where it may.


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