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I Have Ulterior Motives

On my first day of my first chemistry class (I took FOUR in my dietetics program), the first thing the teacher said was “every chemical reaction in a system affects every other reaction in the system.” As I’ve studied dietetics, epigenetics, quantum physics + spirituality, I’ve come to believe that the truth is actually much deeper than that –

as humans being, any change in a single part of us affects every other part of us.

When we make a small change to our eating habits, our spirit lifts. When we’re mindful, our bodies better use the nutrients from the food we eat. When we’re calm, our genes turn off the programs for disease. There is no single action that we can take that doesn’t impact the whole of us. Every part of your body is connected to every thought you have + every action you take.

Allow me to give the good news that it’s not all so black + white as you may think. A cupcake eaten can be a comfort when it satisfies a true craving, a celebration at a child’s birthday party, a punishment for not following your meal plan, or a private resignation that life sucks + we all pay taxes + die anyway so why the hell not. It’s not the cupcake that wreaks havoc, it’s the intention behind it.

I have a secret to tell you… I have ulterior motives…

I’m encouraging you to make loving food choices because I know that by making them, day in + day out, WILL eventually lead you to more presence + awareness in ALL AREAS of your life, and I want you to know what it feels like to be FREE. Really really free. To know yourself in love + forgiveness. Ultimately, to know God (or Universe or Spirit, whatever you want to call it is cool with me – I know it as Universal Christ).

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what I want my dietetics practice to look like, what I want to say in the world + how I want to be of service, and it comes down to this –

Simple changes in your lifestyle + eating habits are an easy entranceway that clear the way to your wildest dreams + brightest self, if you let them. It’s how it happened for me. It’s how it can happen to you, too.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m def NOT here to convert you. I don’t really care if you ever know God or see the world the same way I do (He’s gonna embrace you regardless) – I want you to DO YOU. I want you to realize the desires of your heart! You know, the desires that REQUIRE you to be strong + healthy. It would be a fucking tragedy to settle for less because you don’t have the stamina or mobility to get there.

So do everyone you love a favor, find someone you trust to guide you (I’m available) + take the first step right away because if you don’t get your shit together the healthcare, pharmaceutical + food industries will damn sure reach into your wallet to collect a massive return on their marketing dollars, other people will drain as much of your energy as possible to further their own agenda – and guarantee that none of them will give a shit how it affects you.

We cannot expect anyone to help us live; we must discover how to do it ourselves. (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Finding Flow)


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